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Patient Advocacy & Caregiver Empowerment

PACE empowers patients & caregivers to have a better experience in the healthcare system and become more involved in their care and treatment.
Better Patient Outcomes Lead to Longer, Happier Lives.

What is PACE?

Patient Advocacy & Caregiver Empowerment (PACE) is a patient advocacy, caregiving and long-term care consulting agency. PACE works with organizations to help their employees, customers and others empower themselves in those areas.  This is why this former social worker and healthcare insider has dedicated my career to helping them have a better experience in the healthcare system. Many try to navigate the system and are frustrated with the lack of doctors talking to one another, poor delivery of services and astronomical costs.

The system is so broken and inefficient that it is a great achievement if you get the care you are seeking. My Gram had a horrible healthcare experience at end-of-life. I helped her, as well as my Mom who was caregiver, with advocacy tactics that I learned from working in the system since 1998. I will help you, too.

How Does PACE work?

As a private patient advocate, I wanted to help the masses instead of a few at a time. So, PACE creates Patient & Caregiver-Friendly Organizations™ that have endless benefits for organizations that care about the well-being of their employees and families, customers and other audiences. I only want to work with companies that are truly concerned for their staff and have a vision of enhancing their lives during the 1/3 of life they have to spend at work. Corporations, nonprofits, unions, agencies and membership organizations are prime examples of who PACE wants to help change healthcare for the better.

Who Does PACE Work With?

PACE will help you to combat the ills of healthcare…with patient advocacy, engagement & education, caregiver support, health literacy, social work and eldercare advice all in relation to the healthcare, caregiving and long-term care systems. Saves time, money and energy for patients and caregivers = less time off, higher productivity = happier people.

PACE also teaches current and future healthcare leaders to deliver patient-centered quality care. Schools, colleges and universities are places that our future leaders are, while the current leaders are in the system at hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, urgent care clinics, pharmacies, and on and on.

PACE will work with insurers and employee assistance programs to help them save money by educating and empowering patients, caregivers and families.

At PACE, your workforce’s responsibilities as a patient or caregiver will become easier as they learn to navigate the system effectively and correctly. They will be transformed into a Powerful Patient Partners™ here with PACE’s Signature Patient & Caregiver Engagement Program – The Powerful Patient Partner Program™.

I’ve dedicated my career to helping patients and caregivers have a better experience in the system, while saving time, money and stress. With PACE’s educational program patients & caregivers will learn about:

  • How to be a Powerful Patient Partner™
  • Caregivers can ease their tasks in healthcare
  • Lower healthcare costs
  • Communicate effectively
  • Caregiver stress and burnout
  • Care coordination
  • Understand healthcare is a business, and patients are customers
  • Improving their healthcare delivery
  • Decreasing their chances for medical errors
  • Medication Management
  • Changing their mindset in getting care & treatment
  • Manage & improve overall health
  • How to find the best providers for their care
  • Educate themselves on important facets of healthcare – conditions/diseases, where to get treated, how to get treated, medications
  • Increasing health literacy, or the ability to the capacity to obtain, read, understand and utilize basic health information and services in order to make the most appropriate decisions concerning their health and treatment. (, ACA, CDC)


Who wouldn’t want this for their healthcare? For their employees? Why don’t employers support more of these efforts in corporate wellness? Why don’t healthcare organizations look out for you in a way that really helps you? At PACE, patients and caregivers and their needs in the healthcare
system are the priority.

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