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All About PACE…

PACE means a lot of things around here, not just our name. PACE is what we do, PACE is who we serve.

PACE = Patient Advocacy & Caregiver Empowerment. I am determined to help patients and caregivers have a better healthcare experience. I will educate, advocate and talk till I turn blue in the face. Patients and caregivers are being given a raw deal in many ways…I want to change that. I was a party to it while working for the system. I want to remedy that.

I want to reach the masses with the message of becoming a Powerful Patient Partner™, which I create here exclusively at PACE. How? Through the Powerful Patient Partner Program™, which I also created to educate, engage and empower patients and caregivers in the healthcare system.

It also describes Who PACE Serves and How PACE Serves.

Find out about Tiffany Matthews, CEO of PACE, here.

PACE is inspired by the end-of-life healthcare situation my beloved grandmother endured, along with the caregiving aspect that my mom experienced during that time. It was devastating for my entire family, having to watch our matriarch slip away.

On top of all of that, you have to deal with “the business of healthcare”. The pressure, the rushed decisions that can change lives, the movement of the money and how it affects you.

I’m tired of that treatment during our treatment.

Healthcare is a business and patients are customers, period. So you have to learn to act like your healthcare is a retail experience.

PACE will become a one-stop shop for those who want education on the healthcare system and how patients & caregivers can succeed in it. Simple.

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