About Tiffany

Who Is Tiffany?

Well, I have been called a lot of things…let me tell you the true ones. I am a:

  • SpeakerI will entertain and educate your audience on a wealth of topics about healthcare power, patient advocacy and caregiver empowerment in the system.
  • Advocate – I gained this skill in my over 35,000 hours in social work. I know what the healthcare system does to patients while they are focused on profits. I have dedicated my career to helping patients and caregivers in the healthcare system to get the best care available to them.
  • Frustrated family member – I didn’t like how my Gram was being treated during her end of life treatment. So in her honor, I am helping other patients and their caregivers. I watched my Mom wear down as a caregiver and I watched my Gram’s illness progress. Healthcare and caregiving shouldn’t have to be that difficult in our nation.
  • Former social worker – I graduated from the University at Buffalo with a dual BA in Psychology and Health & Human Services. I have worked in various agencies and nursing facilities and a hospital. I have logged thousands and thousands of hours as a social worker since 1995.
  • Former healthcare insider – Much of the social work I have done has been in healthcare and aging. I am an expert on advocating for assistance.
  • Former hospital executive – I worked in hospital employee communications – I think I learned more about healthcare in that capacity than in social work.
  • Chronically ill patient – I have chronic pain and Type II Diabetes. It’s not easy, but I am a patient, just like you. So I know the frustrations and ills of healthcare intimately.
  • A Mom – So, I get caring for a child. I get caring for someone whose life depends on you. My daughter also has chronic conditions that require regular healthcare and treatment.
  • Caregiver Supporter – Our nation has over 40 million unpaid family caregivers and they need help and support. I watched my mom’s vibrant life disappear as she got deeper into caregiving. Her work suffered and management was on her back because of the time she had to take away from work to care for Gram. I hated it.
  • Writer – I have a Masters in Journalism from Temple University. I love writing about many topics, but healthcare, patient advocacy, health literacy and creating Powerful Patient Partners™ are the topics I love to write about most. I have been a freelance writer in the past.
  • Patient Advocate – As a social worker in healthcare, I have seen and been party to things that were unfair, and some just downright awful. While my Gram lay dying, my family was powerless to the business of healthcare AND eldercare.
  • Healthcare Navigation Expert – I can guide you to a better healthcare experience, especially because I have been on the professional and personal sides of healthcare.
  • Eldercare Expert – I have been in the aging arena for many years and have worked in nursing facilities, aging agencies (AAAs) and nonprofits.
  • Patient Rights Expert – Again, through my many years of social work and being inside healthcare, I have a very familiar relationship with patient rights and responsibilities.
  • Case Manager – Through social over many different populations – seniors, children, recovering addicts, patients, residents and so many more – I was responsible for all of their social service needs. I have had caseloads of over 100 people at a time.
  • Health Literacy Expert – Health literacy is the degree to which one has the capacity to obtain, understand and use healthcare information for their best decisions and for care and treatment. I teach this in healthcare. Health literacy can be about anything that affects your health like smoking, eating and of course, healthcare.
  • Relentless – I do not play around when it comes to the rights of patients/caregivers. If I am around, what happened to my Gram in the hospital will not happen to you.

Now, I hope that you know me a little better. If you want to talk more about how PACE can serve the organizations you are associated with. I am sure that they want what is best for you and your well-being, so PACE will find a way to serve them and empower their patients and caregivers.

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