How PACE Can Help Your People

PACE helps organizations by meeting the healthcare, eldercare and caregiving needs of your people. All of their energy can be focused on being productive and happy.

Here are the type of things that PACE can help your employees or members with in the healthcare system:

  • Social work-related issues
  • Patient issues
  • Caregiver issues in the system
  • Telemedicine services
  • Provider relations – including communication, finding a new provider for you or working with them
  • Patient’s rights-related issues and guidance
  • Quality issues in your care and treatment
  • Healthcare emergencies
  • Healthcare navigation questions and education
  • Team-building
  • Disease management assistance
  • Newly-diagnosed patients
  • New and current caregiving issues
  • Health Insurance issues
  • Medical billing referrals
  • Care for the uninsured and underinsured
  • Teaching self-advocacy
  • Decision-making assistance
  • Provider relationships
  • Make healthcare information easily understood to patients and caregivers

Organizations, Companies, Groups and Agencies

  • Enhancing your culture by taking away the stigma of patient and caregiver issues
  • Get your audience to become advocates for your organization
  • Save money on healthcare costs
  • An educated and empowered audience
  • Using PACE services as a marketing tool to attract the best talent
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