How PACE Serves

First Rule of Being a Powerful Patient Partner™…Education, Education, Education

That is how PACE works…through education. This is how we create Powerful Patient Partners™ who get the best care possible.

With PACE’s Signature Patient and Caregiver Education & Engagement Program…

The Powerful Patient Partner Program™ or P4™

This program solves many of the ills of the healthcare system through self-paced education accessible 24/7/365. PACE’s mission is to create a nation of Powerful Patient Partners™ who manage their care efficiently and correctly to get the best care available and save time, money and stress.

  • Getting the Best Healthcare
  • Acting Like a Powerful Patient Partner
  • Revolutionizing Healthcare by Advocating for Yourself
  • Your Complete Medical History
  • Patient Rights & Responsibilities
  • Choosing the Best Insurance for You
  • Choosing the Best Doctor for You
  • Surviving Your Hospital Stay
  • Where to Get Your Care
  • Care Coordination
  • Making the Most of Your Appointments
  • Talking So Your Providers Listen
  • Asking the Right Questions in Your Care
  • Caregiving & Advocacy
  • Lowering Your Healthcare Costs
  • Managing Your Medications
  • Fall Prevention in the Home
  • Advance Directives
  • Dealing with a Difficult Diagnosis
  • Mistreated? The Healthcare Complaint Process
  • Introduction to Health Literacy in Healthcare


All videos are patient-centered and provide real actionable steps and solutions to patient and caregiver issues with getting around the healthcare system. This is a patient engagement and education program teaching self-advocacy in healthcare and health literacy for patients and caregivers.

Issues P4™ solves:

  • Healthcare system benefits:
    • Increased patient literacy
    • Increased patient satisfaction
    • Quality Improvement
    • Increased patient engagement and empowerment
    • Increased patient safety
    • Improved care delivery with encouragement of the “retail relationship”
    • Reduces disparities in healthcare due to race, income and economic status, gender, geographical location
    • Decrease patient errors
    • Encourages partnerships with patients/caregivers and providers
    • Encourages education of patient/caregiver which will empower them in the system
    • Encourages better care delivery and treating patients like customers
    • Encourages shared decision-making and patient involvement in care and treatment
    • Improved care and delivery, better patient outcomes
    • Patient- centered methods and tactics
    • Increased ROI, VOI, for all parties
    • Public health solution

  • For Patients and Caregivers:
    • Improved Disease Management
    • Education in Patient Advocacy and Health Literacy
    • Better Patient Outcomes
    • Increased Engagement and Shared-Decision Making
    • Decrease of Improper Use of the System
    • Increased health knowledge
    • Better communication and relationships with providers
    • Reduction of disparities due to patient education for all
    • Improvement of customer service and quality
    • Encourage prevention and education
    • Encourage partnerships with providers and input on their care
    • Increased health literacy
    • Increased value of service
    • Understanding retail-style customer service is key
    • Learning care coordination
    • Patient and Caregiver empowerment in the system, less errors in healthcare navigation
    • Savings of time, money and stress
    • Understanding of where to get the right care at the right time
    • Better healthcare delivery
    • Teach-back techniques in getting care for clear understanding of care

Education is simply the only way to empower patients and caregivers in the healthcare system. Here at PACE, is where you’ll get that education.

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