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OK, I get it. You’re stressed. You cannot do this alone. It’s alright. Let PACE help. PACE can assist with a multitude of healthcare situations. Since I have the point of view of a chronic patient, a parent/caregiver and a former healthcare executive and insider, I can give you premium assistance in your healthcare or eldercare crisis.

Your time needs to be spent handling other important issues. Let me handle this for you.

Since PACE is in the Greater Philadelphia Region, I am available to do services in-person in the 8 counties of the area (Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks, Delaware and Chester in Pennsylvania and Burlington County, Camden County, Gloucester County and Mercer County in New Jersey). Nationally, I provide knowledgeable & compassionate services to you privately by phone or online.

All services are provided at an hourly rate, which is NOT covered by insurance (which can actually be a good thing). Your privacy is always protected at PACE.

What You Get Help with at PACE:


  • Care planning for your unique situation
  • Teach you to enhance your healthcare experience
  • Appointment preparation and setting
  • Go with you to your appointment to ensure the best care
  • Hospital bedside visits and monitoring
  • Preparing for upcoming surgery or hospital stay
  • Disease management – patient education, learning about your condition(s), treatment options and medications
  • Encourage shared-decision making in healthcare journey, with emphasis on input from the patient and/or caregiver
  • Complaint process in treatment
  • Insurance assistance – claims, denials, billing; choosing the best plan
  • Obtaining medical records/record review
  • Discharge planning from the hospital
  • Get pertinent information about your situation to help you make informed decisions about care and treatment
  • Guidance through the system or healthcare navigation
  • Assist with difficult healthcare decisions
  • Oversee all healthcare-related services
  • Clear understanding of what is happening in your care and treatment
  • Patient & Caregiver/Provider relations – communication, shared decision-making, assuring the right care
  • Finding or leaving a provider – search for specialists, recommendations
  • Resources to assist with your unique situation
  • Liaison of behalf of patient/caregiver with all healthcare professionals, even in difficult circumstances
  • Research and information on local healthcare facilities and providers to find the best providers and care
  • Ask the right question to get patients and caregivers a full understanding of healthcare situation and the best possible care
  • Develop individualized strategies for your unique situation
  • Care coordination and keeping healthcare team abreast of patient/caregiver wishes
  • Healthcare proxy/advance directive assistance
  • Help with a new diagnosis
  • Help with a chronic condition – research, treatment options, medications, disease management
  • Pain management assistance
  • Family decision-making assistance and meetings
  • Collect, review and communicate information from providers and care materials
  • Establishing a complete medical history
  • Second opinions
  • Medical bill review, negotiating to lower bills
  • All medical information will be made patient- and caregiver-friendly


  • Geriatric case management, with regular reassessment of circumstances 
  • Help with in-home care and in-home programs available in your area
  • Caregiver support and assistance
  • Oversee in-home care and in-home programming
  • Discharge planning from a facility to home
  • Placement from home into a facility
  • Medicare/Medicaid assistance
  • Resources and referrals for help in-home
  • End-of-life/Hospice assistance
  • Advance directives and planning for healthcare/caregiving future
  • Liaison for you with professionals and service providers
  • Nursing facility monitoring and management
  • Nursing home and assisted living – choice, placement and management
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