What PACE Fights

PACE means business when it comes to the education and empowerment of patients and caregivers in the system. 

PACE is fighting with a grassroots movement and will continue to fight the causes below that support them:

  • To make patient & caregiver education a part of the Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goals, as well as local, state and federal regulations as a mandatory part of healthcare and treatment. Not just brochures thrown at a patient/caregiver, real education as to how to improve their healthcare experience
  • Added resources and programs for patients & families to successfully navigate healthcare and related systems (Medicare, Medicaid, aging/eldercare) 
  • Better and more understandable communication from the system to patients and caregivers for the best healthcare outcomes
  • Encourage more education from the healthcare system and teaching patients, caregivers and families their rights and responsibilities
  • Start to encourage organizations – insurers, employers, nonprofit agencies and membership organizations – to take a part in improving healthcare for the greater community
  • Ridiculous and unseen pricing – astronomic costs in healthcare keep 64% of patients from going to get the care they need! Price transparency will make healthcare more like a retail experience (where the customer is more of the focal point)
  • Lack of coordination of care by providers – patients go through a maze when diagnosed with something new or if they have a chronic condition that needs regular care
  • Healthcare Waste – Out of the 3 TRILLION we spend annually on healthcare, ONE TRILLION is wasted. That should make everyone question healthcare practices
  • Changing our “sick-care” system that puts bandages on bullet wounds to a proactive, preventative system that actually considers and caters to all aspects of health holistically
  • I could go on and on. This scratches the surface of the reform our healthcare system needs

Join the fight for better healthcare in our nation…please. Join me here…

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