The Cost of Inaction

Like Your Healthcare the Way It Is?

Then you are absolutely rare. I am an advocate and I do not like all facets of my healthcare. At times, I have to remember what to do, how to do it and most importantly, to ask questions. When I am in pain or sick, I am a human first. The advocate in me knows the importance of my involvement in my care.

I am a patient just like you. I have conditions that I would rather not have, but I know how to navigate the system that gets me the best care and treatment available to me. Not only for myself, but for my daughter, who also has chronic conditions. I also teach her to ask questions and handle her care properly. IF MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER CAN FOLLOW MY METHODS, SO CAN ANY PATIENT, CAREGIVER, PROVIDER OR STUDENT.

Do you want to continue to be whisked around with no end in sight? Do you want your providers to be the ones making decisions for you and your life? Do you want to call the shots in your healthcare and treatment? You should, and those that don’t, how much do you really care about your health? Your family? Your life?

Many facets of healthcare are amiss – costs, how to get the best care, how to navigate the system and insurance – and here at PACE, you will change your healthcare, which will make you a Powerful Patient Partner™. I guarantee it.

Don’t continue to settle for the status quo in care. You can have a hand in changing it.

Start by asking your employer or membership organization to look into benefits for patients and caregivers.

Organizations, here’s the cost of your inaction:

  • Losing money, employees, industry knowledge and competitive standing for talent – and you may not know why
  • A stagnant culture keeps patients & caregivers in the shadows
  • Negatives affects in profits, productivity and absenteeism – and you may not know why
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