What Is P4?

Powerful Patient Partner Program™ (P4)™ – Patient Engagement & Education Component

This is the crown jewel of PACE, and the place where all products and services are derived. It comes with 21 powerful and informative tracks of learning, and multiple lessons within most tracks. Purchase one or purchase them all! They can be used as a wellness campaign, added benefits or to show your audience that their well-being is foremost in your organization’s mind.

This program solves many of the ills of the healthcare system through self-paced education accessible 24/7/365. PACE’s mission is to create a nation of Powerful Patient Partners™ who manage their care efficiently and correctly to get the best care available and save time, money and stress. And I don’t care who I have to teach to make that happen. Here are the names of the tracks:

  • Getting the Best Healthcare
  • Acting Like a Powerful Patient Partner
  • Revolutionizing Healthcare by Advocating for Yourself
  • Your Complete Medical History
  • Patient Rights & Responsibilities
  • Choosing the Best Insurance for You
  • Choosing the Best Doctor for You
  • Surviving Your Hospital Stay
  • Where to Get Your Care
  • Care Coordination
  • Making the Most of Your Appointments
  • Talking So Your Providers Listen
  • Asking the Right Questions in Your Care
  • Caregiving & Advocacy
  • Lowering Your Healthcare Costs
  • Managing Your Medications
  • Fall Prevention in the Home
  • Advance Directives
  • Dealing with a Difficult Diagnosis
  • Mistreated? The Healthcare Complaint Process
  • Introduction to Health Literacy in Healthcare

All videos are patient-centered and provide real actionable steps and solutions to patient and caregiver issues with getting around the healthcare system. The program will start with several tracks, then tracks will be released on a monthly basis.

The Powerful Patient Partner Program (P4)™ Educational Program

P4 is a patient engagement and education program for patients and caregivers to learn to navigate our ineffective health care system and manage their care confidently while saving time, money and frustration. P4 has a behavioral component to reset the mind and gather characteristics to become a powerful patient partner and customer in healthcare. It gives actual tips and methods to enhance the experience and journey. It is divided into 18 tracks of learning. After taking the complete program, created by Tiffany Matthews, it is guaranteed that the learner will be a stronger and more active patient in their care. This leads to a better life and experience for patients and caregivers.

Who is this program for?

P4 can serve an abundance of audiences at an organization simultaneously. Those groups include:

  • Caregivers, whether local or long distance
  • Patients
  • The chronically ill
  • The newly insured
  • The uninsured
  • Veterans
  • Parents, including those with disabled children
  • Adult children of the elderly
  • Boomers, or the sandwich generation
  • Generation X and Y
  • Millennials
  • Orphan elders
  • Women who are in charge of care for their family or financial decisions
  • Those who want to be in charge of their health care and treatment
  • Those in crisis with caregiving or healthcare
  • Those who need help in navigating the system
  • Those who want to save time or money in healthcare or caregiving

How does PACE find those groups to serve?

PACE Finds the groups listed above in several different kinds of organizations. These include:

  • employee assistance programs
  • aging agencies or groups
  • health and wellness companies
  • nonprofits
  • human resource companies
  • attorneys
  • physicians
  • home care agencies
  • caregiver businesses or groups
  • caregiver friendly companies
  • rotaries
  • chambers of commerce
  • municipalities
  • rural healthcare groups
  • active adult living communities
  • homeowner associations\community management companies
  • human resource companies

Currently, these are PACE target audiences; with plans for expansion.

Why is there a need for this program?

Let’s face facts; our healthcare is complicated and broken. The U.S. spends 10,000 annually per person and we are abysmal in patient outcomes. There are many things structurally wrong with our healthcare system, but patients have responsibility in the dysfunction as well.

Poor health habits and lack of knowledge in navigating our healthcare system for their benefit paralyzes patients and caregivers. They need to be educated on it, because knowledge is power when it comes to getting the best care and treatment possible.

What are the benefits to the Powerful Patient Partner Program™?

There are an abundance of benefits to P4. If a patient or caregiver becomes empowered and educated in how to navigate the health care system, every party involved benefits including the insurers, companies where they are an employee, the health care system as well as the patient or caregiver themselves. It is a win for all parties involved.

Upcoming Products & Services

  • Corporate & Wellness Programs
  • Digital Products
  • Membership Website
  • Personal Coaching
  • Patient Education Materials

This is the education that will change healthcare for patients and caregivers. Here is who I will teach!

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