Who PACE Serves

We All Need Healthcare Help…

Everyone needs help with their healthcare at times – no matter your intelligence, socioeconomic status or education. I have seen extremely intelligent people cause themselves more trouble than needed in the system while getting care. Like everything else, it takes knowledge and education.

I’ve also seen people just sit back and take whatever they were given in getting their care. Not the best approach, either.

Everyone has a healthcare issue at one time or another in an endless amount of ways. I seek out organizations to educate and empower patients, caregivers and everyone affected by them. Isn’t that just about everyone (I hope so!)?

Here are the types of organizations I look to serve:

  • Organizations who care about the welfare of their workforce, audience or customers
  • Employers who want to empower their workforce and save money
  • Nonprofits
  • Schools, Colleges & Universities
  • Clinics
  • Physician Practices
  • Support Groups
  • Clubs, Associations and other member-driven groups
  • Homeowner’s Associations
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Disease management organizations
  • Caregiver and caregiver-friendly organizations
  • Patient and patient-friendly organizations
  • Health & Wellness Companies
  • Any organization that sees their people as an investment (I’m sure that’s you!)

Here are the individuals in those organizations PACE is honored to serve and help to get better care:

  • Patients – chronically ill or newly diagnosed
  • Caregivers – employed or not, whether your loved on is at home or in a facility (you’re still a caregiver!)
  • Parents of disabled or chronically ill children
  • Orphan elders
  • Veterans
  • Current healthcare leaders
  • Future healthcare leaders
  • Non-profits
  • Uninsured
  • Underinsured
  • Low-income patients & caregivers 

How? Through education. If you are in any of those groups, PACE can help. Make sense?

Contact Tiffany for a free consultation to discover how PACE can serve you!

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