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First, thank you to all the schools, colleges and universities that are producing our future healthcare leaders. With healthcare changing almost constantly, you are the ones on the front lines of healthcare and the ills of the system.

At PACE, we teach students/future healthcare leaders and decision-makers to make patient & caregiver-centered decisions in their work, and not adopt the current healthcare model of “profits over patients.” They will become leaders with the tools and understanding to become change agents for the system, provide better care and outcomes and keep patients & caregivers educated and empowered.

It is important for future leaders to:

  • elicit, use and foster better communication with patients & caregivers for better input and outcomes
  • learn a system that fosters better care coordination between providers for patients, caregivers and families
  • educating and empowering patients on a constant basis as a natural part of delivering care
  • help patients and caregivers save time and money while getting the best healthcare possible

PACE has the Powerful Patient Partner Program™ (P4) to help do all of that. I can teach it directly to you students.

With P4, lessons include:

  • care coordination
  • patient rights & responsibilities
  • lowering healthcare costs
  • increasing health literacy in healthcare
  • and so many more coming soon!

Schedule a free consultation right over to your right…and learn how PACE can serve your students and help them change healthcare for the better!

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