Why PACE Serves

Patients & Caregivers Need Help with Healthcare, Caregiving & Advocacy and Eldercare. Simple.

Yet, those things are tough. I have done social work long enough to witness the stress that people are under for being unaware of what is going in their healthcare and treatment. It has several times in my experience, been simply horrific.

I have witnessed and had to be a party to things in delivering healthcare that were much less than desirable, honorable or dignified. The current is a nightmare for many, for some, of epic proportions. Hospital bills have driven people bankrupt.

Many cannot afford to get sick in our country. Many do not have equal access to care. Many are poor and many use healthcare incorrectly (in a way that wastes their time and money).

Many are underinsured or uninsured. They still need help. Women and minorities are subject to health disparities simply because of who they are.

Caregivers!!! Wonderful people taking on a heavy load in the name of love and caring…they need so much help and support. They are still not given a break with employers in needing time off. Patients either. Both groups need more recognition by their employers.

Mostly, I fight for patients & caregivers because I saw the devastation healthcare, eldercare and caregiving can have on a family. I watched my own struggle with my Gram’s end-of-life healthcare situation. It was torture for all of us. So, I am not saying I know how you feel, I do know.

My family needed help and I was in healthcare at the time! My Gram was a second mother to me, so anything I could do, I did it to help her. Some of my family wanted to just take the healthcare status quo and did not want me to speak up for fear of retribution in care.

I stood up anyway. I had to. It was Gram. 

And I’ll do it again and again and again. For you. LOOK AT THE BENEFITS OF WORKING FOR PACE!

Benefits include:


  • Save time, money and stress
  • 24/7 accessibility
  • Effective learning at your own pace
  • Can fix your healthcare issues in a short amount of time
  • Increased confidence in managing care & treatment for self and family
  • Ability to plan for healthcare issues and emergencies
  • How to communicate with providers effectively
  • All of your providers will be on the same page with your care/treatment
  • Finding out what patient type you are to navigate your care
  • Decrease in stress in handing care
  • The patient/caregiver is heard and respected in the system and with providers
  • Education and empowerment in the system
  • The right questions to ask in healthcare situations
  • Learning a lifelong skill for themselves and their families
  • Teaches care coordination between providers to make treatment easier
  • Teaches patient responsibility and accountability
  • Educational program save hours and hours of time you need to research and understand these topics
  • Program will change and possibly save lives


For businesses and organizations:

  • Green-friendly
  • With 24/7 access, employees can learn at home or at work (if allowed)
  • PACE can offer ideas any company can work with
  • Education and empowerment
  • Improve absenteeism and productivity
  • PACE shows employees how to save time, money and stress in their healthcare, which benefits, the employer, the insurer and the patient
  • Combating high healthcare costs through advocacy and education
  • Employees will be empowered to make the most of appointments, be prepared for emergencies, hospital stays and critical situations
  • Employees will learn from a former social worker and healthcare insider
  • Amplifying the patient voice to be heard by providers for better patient outcomes
  • Encourage a partnerships with providers so both experts can work toward better outcomes for patients and families
  • Resources for assistance with challenges
  • Increased focus, morale, loyalty and job satisfaction
  • Showing employees their power in the healthcare system and that they have a voice that will be heard. They will become a better patient. Showing you care will build better employees
  • Save time in finding resources
  • Forces a decision from employees – do they want their problems in healthcare and caregiving heard or fixed?
  • Can help many groups within one organization
  • Delivers significant ROI and VOI to company
  • Affordable and easily delivered
  • Large numbers of people can learn simultaneously
  • Programming can open door to other PACE services
  • Strengthens healthcare literacy of employees to save money on company’s bottom line
  • Improved workplace culture toward caregivers and patients

I don’t know why healthcare, caregiving and eldercare have to be so difficult. But PACE and I are here to help you through it with products & services to engage, educate and empower you in the healthcare system.

I engage businesses, groups, organizations and nonprofits because I can reach many of the groups I serve at one time. It’s not easy to get people to listen to healthcare, caregiving or eldercare topics and make the effort to prepare for these things.

That needs to change. Patients and caregivers have to know there is help available. And current and future healthcare leaders have to be the ones to help get this information to the public.

PACE will change healthcare for the better for patients & caregivers by creating Powerful Patient Partners™.

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